At what age does a man collect social security in new york?

What age does a man collect social seciurity in new york state and can he collect disabilty at the same time he gets his reguler social security at 65.I am 64 and have been collecting disablity for 14 years.When i am 65 how much will i get a month to live on i am still disabled.
Answers:    The rules are the same in New York as in the other 49 states. Your disability benefit gets converted to a social security benefit when you reach full retirement age, which is 65 years plus ten months if you were born in 1942 or 66 years if you were born in 1943. You may be eligible for SSI disability as well.

Full retirement age is NOT 65 anymore. The retirement age gets later gradually; this was one of the attempts to "save" SS.
The day that you turn 65 is the day that your disability changes automatically to regular retirement without changing the amount of your check! Then if you are able,You can work and make some extra money!
SS Disability ends at age 65. New York as all states are all the same regarding SS and Medicare due to it being federal programs.

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