Why are most men "two minute brothers" and the ones in the movies last for hours ?

Answers:    I guess Sawyer is rigth, in the movies they can treak it. Maybe they cannot do it in the real life.
But besides, i'm sure it's completely diferent, since they are not doing that in order to get an orgasm or their satisfaction but only with the objective of lasting the most they can, so, it helps, don't you think.
They do that profesional, so they must have some kind of experience and tricks to do it.
But personally, i don't even feel like when i see them, really, don't you think they are so faked? i mean, they don't even sweat!! lol!
How do you know what men in the movies do?
They can splice togther & re-play sections so it appears they're going for hours.
Hollywood always exaggerates.


Oh. watch carefully, you will see the loop edit.
because their "movies"
well movies are manily fantasy so they make you want the when you dont get it
Give a two minute brother a V-chip and he will last for hours or days.

You must also realize in pornos, it's all an edit of scenes and they are combining many takes and making it look like the dude worked it for like an hour straight without breaks.
Ever hear of a thing called editing?
its called editing hunny. guys usually dont last that long unless they are on medicaltion
For the same reason that the women in those movies and in the magazines have bodies that you rarely see in the real world
Because the guys in your porn flicks have "jacked off" previous to the scene they are filming or have previously filmed a scene where they ejaculated.
have you been with "most men"? wow..thats impressive...but my guess is that if I fuc.ked for a living I'd last a long time also...also they don't show a whole scene straight thru...they cut and switch positions and stuff
My boyfriend can last for hours at times. Everyone is different. Men aren't machines, it takes effort to last.
drugs and they can make a scene last longer by edited the scene,,but like i like to say i cant *** quick enough
Traditionally, that was why they were _in_ porno movies. The girls needed to be reasonably hot, and willing to have sex on camera. The men were referred to as 'professional wood'. For them, being large or in decent shape were plusses, but the real true requirement was ability to perform, and stay up for a long time.

Now, with drugs, that's less difficult.
It is a movie. but if u watch it carefully, actually it not last for hours. there are a lot of kissing, ****, licking. and these combine with make love scene, it totally is more than hours. bside, i think the guy masturbate b4 bcoz u can see their sperm is not as stick as the normal guy!

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