How can i make muscles at home?

does somebody know some methods how do do muscles at home?? i dont have weights and stuff like that,i only want to know how can i make,some methods ore something like that PLS TELL ME IM SKINNY ;)
Answers:    I'm skinny too. Go to the store and buy a lot of chicken, nuts, peanut butter and cottage cheese and fruit.

Go buy the Men's Health spring training supplement ($9.95) and read and obey the chapter on working out without a gym. Yoga can build muscle, pushups, pullups, squats and squat thrusts. be creative, and read up. Eat a gram of protein for every pund you weigh every day.
i dunno
Push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups will help add some muscle. You can use some of your mom's large cans - make sure they are still full - for "curls" and bicep curls.
if your under 18 ymca memberships r like 15 bucks a month. go hit one of them up
well for arm muscle all u need to do is masturbate and the action in ur muscle builds up you could also just do sit ups on ur bed and carry heavy items say like the monitor.

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