How to find the percentage error?

i have got the practical value 0.396
the actual value is 0.379
please tell me the answer also explain me the method to find

case 2:
if the practical value is 0.389
and actual value is 0.379
what is the percentage error?
Answers:    Put your ? question in the correct category. You lazy bastard.
You sure this is a health question?
Its a simple equation:

measured - actual
------------------------- x 100

or go to this website to do it through a computer:
i'm not really sure but i think it's:

bigger value minus the smaller value and then divide them to the bigger value then multiply by 100. =D

for that i guess it's,

Case 1:
(0.396 - 0.379) / 0.396 = 0.043 x 100 = 4.3%

Case 2:
(.389 - .379) / .389 = 0.0257 times 100 = 2.57%

[i hope this helps, although i'm not quite sure]
Steamyst,I am surprised at your outburst.and now to address the question at hand.Put your question in the correct category you lazy bastard.

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