Inside of Penis burns after masturbating?

Answers:    its pretty normal you just half to go to the bathroom after words so that it dosent dry up. it will burn if you let ejaculation set in and you didnt go to the bathroom
It's possible that a small thing got injured. Give it a rest for a day or two, try again, and see if it goes away.

I'm fairly certain it will. (could have been caused by going a bit rougher than usual)
Stop using lighter fluid as lubricant.
Urinal tract infection? I know a friend who had that and it hurts when he pees.
it may infection. consult a doctor
use lotion durin masterbation
see a doctor. any problems with penis, see a doctor.
no no no. the penis only burns when penis make contact with soap.
hey tell me have u redning of urethral orifice and do u feel buring and pain during urination t.
oo. im me
use good condoms
If it isn't a STD it is most likely prostatitis which is far more common in men than urinary tract infections

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