Do women like big ones?

most of the ppl says bigger is better...what do you girls think about 5 inch??
Answers:    Listen to the ladies, concentrate on technique. Get so good with your fingers and tongue that they won't remember if you even had a penis.
i like 7.5.its perfect...
women like men who can use their tools in the most effective way. women also like confident men who aren't obsessed with their tool.
You have a tiny prick... loser
kill yourself...jk

how old are you?
5 inches is just have to know how to use it. Too big is not better - it hurts.
It depends on the woman. My first husband was 5 inches and he was great. We got divorced because he was a drunk; not due to his size.
look, not everyone is a porn star, but porn is fake anyway. Just be happy and confident with who you are. Pay attention to your woman, catch what she likes or doesn't like; if she responds well to something, it must be good. If she doesn't like it, she'll let you know. Learn how to use the thing and you won't have to worry about how big it is.
YEA.. from Lindsey Lohen.. she text message me.. i asked her
Personally size isn't the biggest issue, i've had big and i've had average, and the size wasn't what made it good!, It was the way he used it, The best i've ever had was with what some people think is small so to each its own!
thts fine as long as u can get the job don and in a creative way.
yes the bigger the better
thats in the normal range, ive had everything from 3 inches to 12, i perfer them 6 or 7 and not too fat.
That's about my husband's size and we have a rockin' love life.
5 inches is fine with me. You are a perfectly normal size. The vagina is only about 5 inches deep, with the majority of the nerve endings being in the first third. Basically, you only need about 2 inches. So stop worrying about your size, and start learning how to please a woman.

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