Is it true my sperm is in danger because i sometimes use laptop on my lap?

i just recently got a laptop since january and sometimes i use it on my lap for a few hours a day. so on average i rpobobly used it on my laptop an hour a day. will it affect my sperm from the heat and radiation from this? please answer properly im scared of this. proper answers plz
Answers:    Radiation?
No, heat maybe.
But you would need to have it there a lot longer then an hour.
Please do not be alarmed. There is more radiation from the sun than from a laptop.
you obviously have no offense but think about it
there is radiation emitted from a laptop but very very little so don't worry about it it will not affect u
Your current sperm yes; your future sperm production, no.

Heat will kill sperm stored in the testes; but you are constantly making new sperm, and the new ones will be unaffected by the previous heat.
Sure, you might cook the sperm you have in you when you use the laptop, but since you continually produce it, so what. And if you are not trying to father a child right now, certainly no reason to stop using the laptop.

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