One of my male friends caressed my chest and nipples, and another tried to grab my penis...are they gay?

Is it ok for straight guys to do this to each other?

PS: All this occurred when I was fully clothed...
Answers:    haha i thought thats what boys do when they are horny? They have to let it out some how.

Normally, i would just play along with them if they are playful, most of the time, after 1-2 mins they stop. If they continue, then just say its a bit gay and shrug them off. This normally happens when we are in the changing room or during showers.

So relax! They are not gay, just would need to let out your horny feeling sometime, its rather hard to suppress them.
they are either gay or bi sexual. if you feel uncomfortable with them doing it you should tell them.
I think that for guys to do this or want to do this to each other would have to be gay.
I think they were just curious. Much like little school-boys in changerooms compare their features to someone elses, to see if it's just happening to them, or if it's normal?
no, i think u are gay for allowing them to do it.
No, it's not OK. It is sexual harrassment and it is illegal to molest someone ~ touch them up without their consent. But sometimes this is done under the guise of a joke... one gone too far.

It BTW, doesn't make them gay... it makes them RRs-hols. You could slap their faces and ham it up. but whatever you do, don't do it back, and resist by all means necessary
. to send a clear message.

If you were any sort of a fighter, a solid punch on the snotter will sort it out quickly (it's a bit old fashioned but in my experience is effective) ... otherwise you need to resort to your quick wits.
Of course it's okay.
It's better if you're naked,
but it's still okay if you're

They are just trying to help a brother out.
I think that they are definitely interested in getting in your pants. Do you flaunt yourself? Are you wanting to experiment with a little man play, perhaps?
ask them for a date.
well they sound gay or bi but i don't personatily now your friends. some guys play weird games like that. Their is a whole group of guys at my school that hump each other but they claim that they are straight so I believe them... but I realy can't say... mabey you should ask them
they're gay
sounds like they may be gay
Was this while you were discussing interior decorating strategies, hair styles, or if your shirt was too tight?
they might be gay or they might be unmature
most guys are usually at some point curious about members of their own sex. so i would think that it is normal as long as it doesnt go past just "experimenting"
And YOU Did NOT STOP them from proceeding?

Sounds like you enjoyed it as well.
Its not something that someone who is 100% heterosexual would do
More than likely
that is the best question I ever read EVER. LMAF Literally my a** did fall off from reading this question.
Don't listen to gazpacho..he didn't mention that you might have enjoyed it..Matthew and Nickname are correct..its all good fun..and if u like it,then you have discovered another way to have fun.yeahhhhhhhh
Well, I would curb the behaviour and chalk it up to "stupid things boys do." Your own sexual identity will develop as it will. Personally, I think they have crossed the line, but what is more important is how you feel about it. Know what you want or someone will make up your mind for you. Have a nice weekend.

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