I'm 18 and never been kissed or had a girlfriend, whats a matter with me?

I am not scared of girls or anything, I just can't have conversations with them or even guys because I have absolutely terrible social skills. The girls that I am friends with just like to laugh at me because they think I'm funny, but I'm not funny. I was told once that I act a lot older than what I am which I think is kind of true, but it is impossible for me to have a serious conversation with a girl. All I get out of it is "Oh you're so funny!" I do not try to do anything funny. I can't attract girls, not even ugly girls. I am not terrible looking, but I am short (5'6"). I do kind of have low self-esteem as result of my relationship with my dad and I do occasionally get depressed. I heard before that girls are most attracted confidence, is that it? What should I do? Whats a matter? I am tired of being around people and them asking me about girlfriends and my first kiss and I have to tell them I had neither help?
Answers:    First of all you are not short.I know boys shorter than you with very "tall "confidence.You are right about one thing.You can not attract girls without being confident.I think you just haven't met the right girl yet.I had my first kiss at the age of 20.Who became my husband of 13 years now.You can go to gym to work out.That will help you feel good about yourself,and the girls will love your tait body.You sound like very nice ,intelligent and mature young man.If the girls is right,your first kiss will send an electric current trough out you body.It will feel that good.Just be patient.
well try asking a girl out and them give her a kiss
dude.get some confidence, look your best, and try to be funny! (i'm a guy) girls like funny! Be confident and flirt a bit, if they dont like it stop! If u have your eye on a girl make the move before someone else does.
its your personality.. you need to stop acting insecure and be more self centered and if your going to open your mouth .watch what comes out.. don't say dumb things .that's why they laugh at you ...try to talk to girls that you never seen before and see what happens act kool .not like a Pansie
just relax and try to be yourself.
Not every one is smooth so young.
WHen you meet a girl just talk about her or whatever she wants to talk about and listen to what she is saying/ Try not to be nervous everyone gets like that more often than you know
uhhhh..well u should see a therapist, they really help, u could get more self-esteem then things might fall in place with the right girl when u meet her
It'll come. You may even have a career in comedy. That would be pretty comical if the whole time, you're not trying to be funny, and it still happens.
I know how you feel.

Im 18, never been kissed, never had a boyfriend

I too, have extremely bad social skills and no self exteems, because of my weight.
Don't worry man, I'm in the exact same situation as you are, So I know how you feel right now, I also haven't had a girl and I'm 18 as well, same with the funny thing they just think i'm funny, but i don't think that it doesn't have to do with anything physical I mean I'm taller than you (I'm 6'1) and I still have problems on not finding someone, I think it is confidence, women do like men that are confident and outgoing ( which it's kind of impossible for me to do cuz I'm shy) that's one thing i know, But don't worry you are still young, this is the age to start experiencing, do what I'm doing talking to girls in a meaningful way, let them know you are interested.

Hope this helps a bit, Good luck man.
Don't worry so much about it. Think about some other guys your age that already have a kid to support I bet they would trade places with you in a second. Live your life at your own pace and when the kissing question comes up just say you don't kiss and tell or you don't like to talk about your private affairs. Girls are attracted to someone that treats them well, has a goal in life, and someone that don't follow the crowd when they are going the wrong way. Don't be ashamed of the way you are accept it and let others accept you or not.
Well I would say that the main problem is your lack of self-esteem. The problem may not only be that they are not attracted to your lack of self-esteem, it may just be that you don't recognize when they're flirting with you. Some times when a girl says your funny, they might mean it in a flirting way. I would say your best bet is to try to overcome your depression and lack of self-esteem first. Besides, I'm sure you are not the only guy who has never been kissed, etc, at 18.
maby u should hook up with the other chick who responded to this who is 18 and never kissed a guy
Your a rare breed these days. I say good for you. My husband was a virgin till he was 19. He had only kissed one girl. It is hard to tell someone to be more confident because that is something hard to do when you are shy. As I am also shy. I would have to say that if a girl things you are funny that is a good thing. I am very attracted to funny guys, that is why I chose my husband. I would think that even though you are not trying to be funny, it is working. I remember just giggling a little bit when I was dating around, it was because I liked then and thought that they were cute. Sounds like you got it going on you just dont know it yet. I am 24 years old and I think guys with a sense of humor is great. If you can make a girl laugh that I would have to say is better then the best looking guy around. I would choose laughter over looks, but then again that is just me. If you do talk to a girl and you like her ask her if she would like to go get a soda with you. Just for example. Good luck.
You are my exact opposite. I have more confidence than anyone I know. If you want girls you have to make them want you. You need to buy them things and be strong (not just physically).
When you talk to people, be nice, but act a little bit like you dont give a rats *** what they say about you. Be interested and pay attention, but dont act nervous. Guess what, if you act like youre just standing by yourself...then nobody is gonna know whats going on inside your head. If youre short then just get some excercise and get in shape, and most importantly just talk to as many people as you can, but dont go out of your way and seem desperate.
Well, you have to be confident-girls tend to be attracted to guys who know what they have to offer and are comfortable with themselves. Be brave and good luck.
Don't let people make you think that you have to do things because it fits THEIR idea of what's proper.

There are just as many folks who treat their first kiss very importantly and save it up for later, when they choose to have it.
Do it when YOU want to, not because your lame-o friends bug you about it. It should be special to you, not gossip news to them.

Nothing is wrong with you. Be yourself and do things on your own terms, in your own time.

Man, I hate kids who think they're all that because they've had a couple of kisses. What dorks.
dont have low self esteem.
thers nothin to worry bout.
its just dating ... just be yourself
you can take classes in social skills and you sure do need it.

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