How much would i lose in a week?

I ride to work, 3miles there and 3 miles back for 7 days
And also an hour a day of tae bo dvd aerobics for 7 days

How much weight would i lose in total at the end of the week?
Answers:    you must not lose more that 1-2 lb per week, because in that case you will lose your body amount of water and your massels more that fat and in the future you will gain weigh sooner, because your metabolism level is becoming low.
good health
about 4 or 5 lbs
depends on what u eat in between
How ever much you have in your pocket
wait for a week and find out
Impossible to tell as you dont say your starting weight - obviously if you weight 20 stone it'll take much more effort so you'll lose more weight than if you weight 10 stone!

Sounds like healthy regime though.
it depends

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