Why they sometimes discriminated?

i'm a person who cares about other's feelings. it just happen that i saw some other guys hates/discriminate blacks by their color. some others says they are too agreesive. but look at them, they are human too! see it's to have friends with different nationality or colors like red, black, yellow,tan, and brown how was that? waht can you say? world seems so colorful!
Answers:    I'm sorry but your writing is kinda confusing. Who is too aggressive?

some people are too closed minded to change their opinions no matter what. Most of the time they are raised that way.Its hard to say anything to people anymore because you dont know what their reaction will be.It can be very confrontational.As for myself I m glad that I am not in that way of thinking and can see we all have our plus's and minuses.No one on this earth is without some wrong doing and that makes me aware of how alike we all are in our good deeds and our bad. Be thankful you have a open heart.
Well, coming from multi-racial multi-ethnic Singapore, I have met people of many ethnic groups, and we're all different, with different opinions, beliefs, etc. But underneath everything, we're all the same. Prejudice or discrimination basically comes from ignorance, or the need to feel superior to another fellow being.

What you don't know or don't understand, you fear or dislike. Same as the witch burnings, where innocent women were killed, maybe because they practiced healing techniques or herb remedys that were not the 'norm'.

Also, it seems as though humans have a natural aversion to difference. If it's different, it's suspect, and thus is prejudice born. And prejudice tends to be passed down the generations like some warped and glorified heirloom.

It is a sad but true fact that when one feels down or threatened, one tries to assert their superiority over others by bullying them to feel good about themselves or to make sure the other fella knows his "place". The deep-seated to be superior. It gets to us all.

Sometimes though, we tend to attribute the action of a single individual or a few on the entire community, which is a human failing perhaps, and form our prejudice from there. Even I would admit that I am prejudiced against some nationals who come in as low wage workers at Singapore, basically because of repeated bad experiences and various anecdotes I've heard, and though I'm fairly unprejudiced compared to others I know, and try not to discriminate, it perhaps comes naturally to humans.

Oh, and why is this under men's health anyway?

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