Are u supposed to push an erection down?

if a guy gets hard in a time/place he's not supposed to it okay to try and push the erection down to make it go away? is this painful or harmful? will it works?

u think it can help to train his erections for appropriate times?
Answers:    never push a hard on down, it wont damage anything but is very uncomfortable, if you are in this situation pull it up so its flat against your stomach, men get erections all the time, some at not very good times, dont wory you will be fine
pushin it down dont work it has to point upward.

im guessin the guy has his clothes on..

blood will flow out of it this way and erection will go away.
It's OK but it is not effective as a general rule. I think touching an erect penis tends to make it want to stay around in anticipation of more to come.

There is no training available... probably the best strategy is to think about something boring and least likely to be sexually arousing.

The worse part is... like ... I call it "the traveller"... wehn you get an erection as soon as the plane lands.. for no apparent reason. but the vibration of the wheels on the ground brings it on... or when you desperately need to go to the toilet but can't... you can get an erection because of the increased blood pressure flowing to the muscles near your penis. Mind of its own. just like a stallion in the field... you have absolutely no control over it. This makes me wonder why society makes such a fuss when one cuts loose.
Don't push it down, that won't work and may even harm the blood vessels.
Train an erection? lol Contrary to what many people think, an erection does not have a mind, you can't train it. When it comes to erections, what you see is what you get. Be happy that it works so well.
Pushing it down will not work. However sitting in a relaxed position for a couple of minutes will. The best way to avoid this situation when in public is using an undergarment. Becuase if kept tight, you can suppress an erection early. But once it passes about 75%, pushing it down will only hurt the person.
Don't do that because you risk injuring his penis. The erection will subside on its own when the blood leaves the penis.

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