Clear fluid out of penis?

I am turning fourteen in a month and i masturbate twice a day ..yesterday i was masturbating a clear fluid came out of my penis..i think it may have been my first ejaculation but i am not sure...there wasnt alot of it .probly just enough to fill half a teaspoon. was the clear fluid semen?
Answers:    it isn't sperm but it is some of the fluids that will comprise your semen once you mature a bit more. If it was an ejaculation though, you would know because of the terrific feeling that occurs during orgasm/ejaculation.
Most guys do experience the clear fluid though; it is a form of lubrication that can appear during the various stages of sexual arousal.

So, you may or may not have ejaculated depending on whether you climaxed at the time the clear fluid appeared or not. Most often thought he fluid will appear before climax. then again early ejaculations will be clear until sperm presents itself. , big penis and pre... You must be every girls dream!
congratulation , u got ur first semen . in early stages it come less but halfspoon is ok.
Technically know as pre-seminal fluid. You're fine.

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