Can holding in bm hurt you?

my 3yr old son does this sometime and i have to get on to him about going to the bathroom.will this hurt him?
Answers:    Well, he can get impacted feces which can cause bleeding and painful passing. It can also cause hemorrhoids. He probably is uncomfortable going in certain places. Hard one to deal with. I guess you just have to keep encouraging. Good health.
no dont worry about it
Yes, it will.

He will grow to become constipated or have problems with his bowels when he gets older.

I used to do the same thing and my system has been screwed up for years now.
It's not good for him to ignore the call or to hold it in. It could cause incontinence in the future. At any rate, it can cause gastronomical discomfort for the time being.
Yes it can create some very serious problems if it goes on tho long,Fecal Impactions or worse a Bowel Obstruction. But I wouldn't worry too much. Small children do this quite commonly they won't hold it for too long cause it is to painful. Usually its just laziness to go to bathroom. But it would not hurt to talk to his Dr. there could be some constipation issues and a stool softener can be ordered for him.
it can cause constipation

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