I dont want to eat any fruit or vegetable in the last some weeks. Why is that and what can I do about it?

Answers:    Most likely you've been eating a lot of carbs + processed sugar lately. Those make you CRAVE more carbs and sugar, which can kill your appetite for anything else--including fruits and veggies.

If you cut out the junk foods that mess with your head and cause these cravings, after like 3 days, you're body doesn't get those cravings anymore and you can find healthier foods more enjoyable. It's really amazing.

I'll be eating incredibly health, weird dishes.. and I'll be LOVING it. But then if I have a bad day and eat sweets or something, when I go back to eating healthy it's such a turn off and tastes nasty b/c now my body is craving the bad foods again. And you just have to fight it for a few days (usually 2-3) and the cravings go away and you're happy with eating the healthy dishes again.

You can also make fruit smoothies. Fat free plain yogurt plus banana or mango or pineapple or strawberries or whatever. Those are freakin' incredibly. As for veggies, you can make a salad and throw all types of stuff on there (tomatos, red peppers, cucumbers, etc.) and then top it with your favorite dressing (you can indulge a bit if you need to, taking baby steps is fine!).
you soon will when the weight creeps on
if you aren't eating them then get a multi-vitamin=Good one is Centrium Plus
Many times when the body does not receive the necessary nutrients it needs, it sends a signal to the brain that causes you to crave for the food which bears the nutrients that your body needs. In your case, you probably are receiving the necessary nutrients from other sources so your body does not crave fruit and veg. Do you drink a lot of fruit juices, eat a lot of roughage-rich products etc?. Really, it depends with the individual so this might not be appropriate in your case. Speak to a dietician about your problem.
Dont worry about that - you can get all the protein and healthy food you need at Macdonalds. I seen the adverts, so I know. I eat there everyday and my weight never goes above 17 stone, which my mum says is good for a 14 year old really.
I cant answer this question but I felt I had to say that i thi8nk 'RICHARD' is either a very deluded kid or an adult trying to take the piss which is not funny and eating mac donalds every day will cause serious health problems and 17 stone at 14 years old is disgustingly overweight, my 16 year old 6ft cousin is muscly and only weighs 15 stone!
well i thought RICHARD was answering the question in a very funny,clever way made me laugh and does have a point as do all the answers so far.maybe LISS should unclench n go get some Prozac or something,why you got to hate for?? calling him an *** hole was a bit below the bingo wings if you ask me and naive must you have been to believe that he really was 17 stone 14 year old DUH !! . phew ! now that out of my system i think this is a silly question, fruit and veg is part of a healthy balanced diet our body requires the goodness it provides on a daily basis...did you know that our body does not store vitamin c? you need to take better care of yourself this is how we thrive maybe if you had a healthier balanced diet you would be able to write a question that makes sense xxxxxxxx

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