Overdosin ON TYLENOL?

WAT HAPENS WHEN U TAKE 6 TYLENOL PILLS AT THE SAME TIME? pshh noo, nobodys tryin to kill themselves. lol. me & my freind r havin an discusion ovr it.
Answers:    It probably won't do anything at first, but the long term effect is what you should consider. Large doses of acetaminophen (TYLENOL) can hurt your liver. A large dose does not metabolize well with your liver.
starts to shut down the liver and other organs
you would get very very sick
The problem is that too much Tylenol can wreck your liver. You don't fall over dead immediately but you can end up with a very serious condition that can kill you over a short or long period of time, depending if on the person gets treated right away. Not a fun way to die.
Yes it is very true about it shutting down organs, it has been recorded to be most painful death in hospitals today. If you OD on them the doctors are unable to help with pain because of the amount of pain killers already in your system. So unless you want to Feel the PAIN of your organs shutting down, don't mess with them.
no one should take that many tylenol pills at one time,depending on your size and your tolerance u could be over dosing and not relizing it please only take 2 max and if u really have a problem that u feel u need to take more than two go to your doctor!
Six tylenol pills taken at once on a one time basis will likely not cause any harm. If you take 6 tylenol pills at once on a regular basis, you are risking the long term effects of liver damage and liver failure. Tylenol has a way of building up in the liver, leading to toxic levels.
Early signs of toxicity; anorexia, nausea, diaphoresis (sweating), generalized weakness
later signs; vomiting, right upper quadrant tenderness, elevated liver function tests
Antidote Acetylcysteine; maintains/restores hepatic (liver) concentration of glutathione (necessary for inactivation of hepatotoxic aceteminophen toxicity

Those who already have hepatic failure are not recommended to use tylenol, or many other meds, the liver metabolizes majority of meds
A single event with 250mg tablets or capsules. In a healthy person, nothing permanent.

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