How come some people go pee alot but some people only go 3 or 2 times why is this??

Why do some people go to the bathroom like 5 or 6 times a day but some people only go like 2 or 3 a day why is this I wanna know
Answers:    Kristi is correct.
I have what they refer to as an 8 hour bladder which came in handy when working in the OR on big surgeries.
There is a girl at work who drives me crazy with the amount of times she has to get up and disrupt the whole working staff with the number of times she has to go pee.
If someone knows they pee alot,why do they continue to drink alot? One of the worlds biggest wonders I suppose.
An infection could also account for this or even pregnancy when the baby starts to crowd the bladder.
depends on how much we drink and what types of foods we eat. Some contain more water than others.
I would assume some people have smaller bladders than others. Also, UTI or Kidney infections can cause frequent urination. And yep, consuming a lot of water can do it too!

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