anyone have suggestions for over the counter sleep medicine besides benadryl?

Answers:    My husband takes the generic Tylenol PM, and he says it makes a big difference in his ability to rest, but I think a couple glasses of wine work better.
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5-HTP from the vitamin store. Don't let your dog get to them. He will die.
Tylenol Simply Sleep
Tylenol PM
EXCEDRIN, I swear this stuff is magic! I take one when I am having a hard time sleeping, and will fall into a deep sleep within 20 minutes, so take it when you are ready for bed. It will give you a good 8-hour sleep. Not sure how often you can or should take them, but I don't think they are addictive. I think you get more addicted to the great sleep so you want to keep taking them!
Valerian is a mild natural sleep aid; melatonin is another. Valerian can usually be found at herbal medicine shops and web sites; melatonin is usually available at a pharmacy or a place like General Nutrition Centers.
Over the counter medications contain antihistamines like Benadryl (diphenhydramine) whose side effect is drowsiness. Others are chlorpheniramine like in Chlor-Trimeton or doxylamine. But these are not good choices for trouble sleeping. Check out the website for more info on why and other options you might consider.
please do not fall for any liver damaging the advice of your doctor to see why you are not sleeping well at night. if anything, a good doctor will prescribe trazadone which is non habit forming.

good luck to you!
simply sleep, always works for me
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