Looks like Cold sore, but I know I don't have herpes.?

A week ago I got some itching on my lip and now it looks like a pimple. It is on the corner of my lip and it looks really bad. I know it is not herpes because I am almost 14 and am not sexually active. I need some advice on how to get this thing off my mouth.
Answers:    I REALLY wanted you to know that you can EASILY never have to deal with another horrible, awful, nasty cold-sore for the rest of your life!!

I got them every winter my whole life until 3 years ago (I'm 36 now) and they were the BANE of my existence...the whole process took weeks to heal and would leave a scar for at least 2 months sometimes!

I was reading a message board on www.curezone.org and discovered the PERFECT remedy for both healing them and preventing them completely:

So, I buy the liquid tincture by "HerbPharm" and it has not failed me ONCE...Whenever I'm feeling drained, tired, stressed, or get that tingly feeling on my lip, I just load up on this stuff.

This is the one I buy:


You can also get Olive Leaf at Whole Foods Market, and other natural food stores.

Very cheap.

The first time I tried it, I was actually halfway into a major eruption and I drank a bunch of the extract in some water.
AS I WAS DRINKING the stuff down, I could feel the swelling on my lip shrinking...I was in such shock--I ran to the mirror--it was shrinking before my eyes and within ten minutes my lip had returned to NORMAL...I began kissing the bottle of Olive Leaf...yeah, I really did!!

I had tried everything in the past...I can't begin to tell you what I went through...and it's now been 3 YEARS since I've had one!

I've been in the Alternative Medicine field for some time now, and offer individualized consultations:

Actually, cold sores ARE caused by herpes. It's called herpes simplex, or "the kissing disease".

Don't panic, it's not the herpes you're thinking of and it won't turn into it.

Almost everybody has herpes simplex.

You could try putting toothpaste on it. That dries it out, but you're going to have it until it heals. Be patient.
First of all, not all herpes are sexually related! You HAVE a cold Sore You have HERPES! There are different herpes complexs. You can get this type ( I believe type 1) by drinking after someone that has it. They do not even have to have an outbreak at the time! You can get it by a simple kiss even. When you become sexually active be careful about oral sex b/c you can give and get herpes of the genitals by having a cold sore in or on the mouth or just by being a carrier! Try oral-b cold sore relief. It is over the counter. Good Luck. Sorry for the bad news
probably a cold sore, i've had one above my lip too for 2 days, and it's getting better. cover it up and let it heal, that's what's worked for me
A lot of non sexually active people can have cold sores. It can be caused (from what I've heard), by stress. I recommend Abreva for that. It really does work fast.
sounds like impetigo, a very contagious and common bacterial skin infection caused by putting dirty hands on your face. your doc can give you a cream to put on it and it goes away with no marks.
It could be herpes that you contracted from kissing someone.
...or it might just be a cold sore.
Use Abreva or Herpecin L. Both work great.
its possible it could be a cold sore, and yes cold sores are a herpes virus...but if you've not had any lip contact or any close contact with someone who has them it is a possibility it can be a canker sore. those can be really red, ulcerous and sore. But they will heal. generally when you start getting these things though you will have to worry about them off and on the rest of your life...so be ready. try applying a drop or 2 of diluted peroxide to the area once or maybe twice a day. Mix half peroxide and half water solution. just enough to use each time.
It is herpes, sorry. You don't have to be sexually active to get this version of herpes. You could have gotten it from kissing a relative when you were a kid. Try Abreva - I've heard it works well.
I used to have that not so long ago and i had to go to the doctor and get some pills. Anyways i think you should go. The only thing i know is that i got those from sharing a drink with this other person. Once the "Cold sores" were gone the same person ask again i was about to refuse when she got it. Since it was full and i was really thirsty i drank from it a day later i had the same thing! I think her mouth is messed up or something and i have not shared a drink with anybody since then. So i recommened do not share drinks with anybody ('xept you family) or your Best Friends!

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