My husband just got a bump above his belly button. He thought he pulled a muscle.?

He says its sore and it is painful to the touch. I'm afraid its a hernia, but don't know what he should do about it or how serious it is. Should I keep pushing him to see a doctor? He thinks he should wait a while. If you are familiar with this and know what we should do, please let us know.
Answers:    You need to get him to a doctor NOW! belly pain is not something to mess with.There are so many things that can go wrong in the belly. If he will let you gently but firmly push on the spot and if you feel it pulsing call 911. If it is pulsing that most likely means that he is bleeding inside his belly and he could bleed out VERY FAST. As long as it's not pulsing you can drive him to the ER yourself but either way you need to get him there.
umbilical hernia likely if it is acutely painful go to the ER specifically if theres something in there thats tender
youre probably right and it is a hernia. Which means that bump is really his intestines pushing through a hole in his stomache muscles. GO SEE A DR.!
yep, it's probably a hernia, or since he is a guy, a HISnia. He should go to a doctor pretty soon, it wont go away by itself. It is likely not immediately life-threatening, but if left alone it could get worse. Guys dont like going to doctors, I wont go unless its something serious, like decapitation. Even then, I will wait to see if it gets better on its own. You may have to just go ahead and set up an appointment for him and make sure he knows you are doing it because you are concerned about him, not trying to nag or manipulate.
I wish you good health!
Sure sounds like a hernia!

Untreated, it will either start to hurt so much that hubby will demand you take him to the ER, or something (his ileum, caecum, whatever...) will burst, he'll get an infection, and then he'll get all feverish and you'll be able to coax him to the hospital.

Is he a tightwad, at all? If it IS a hernia, going now would be MUCH cheaper than going later!
Does sound like a hernia, and yes you should push him to go to the drs. They can have complications if not taken care of and it will only get worse. Why are men such babies when it comes to pain or drs?

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