I gave up smoking 3 months ago and could kill for a ciggie - how much longer do these cravings last?

Answers:    I stopped on xmas day,I`m also gasping for a cig,if you do kill for one please share it with me.
to be honest you'll have some cravings forever but they will get weaker
the cravings wont last as long as life jail term.
All that is is withdrawal symptoms.They go away after 6 weeks or so.
I have been told they never go away, however one day you will be happy once you feel the benefits.
they do get a lot less but every once in awhile the rest of your life you might think boy what I would do for a smoke right now
do not give in=your health is far more important
It all depends. I have quit for 6 months now, and I only had trouble for the first 2 weeks. Its all in your head, try not to thik about it.
They'll last as long as you do, but take comfort, it gets easier to deal with.
Don't say that. I only gave up two weeks ago and am still experiencing a strong urge to horribly maim and kill people.
the best thing you can do is avoid people who smoke. Do go any where there is smoking...it help ditch the unwanted cravings. Just think...if everyone around you is smoking...your going to want one to.
But its all mental. You can kick it if you want to. Be strong. Think of the benifits for you and for your family.

The cravings may never go away...but over time, they will get less and less.
Well done and keep going
I quit 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did
I get a craving about once a year now -far less than the number of times I come home stinking from the pub and wish that the smoking ban would come in sooner!
i don't know personally as my willpower is not that strong my husband gave up 7 years ago and never ever seem to crave but my friend gave up 3 years ago and still says in certain situations she could still have a cig. I think you will always crave in certain situations maybe when drinking because like most smokers it goes hand in hand. Don't give up i admire anyone who can do it good luck it has to get easier EVENTUALLY!
I think it depends on how long you have been a smoker. Smoking is a habit as well as an addiction. The longer you have smoked the higher the nicotine level will be and the longer it will take to get out. The doctor told my uncle that drinking lots of water was the best way to detox your system. If you drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, your cravings are supposed to be decreased nearly half the time. Coffee, tea and other drinks don't seem to work as well. It must be water. He said to drink a bottle every time you have a really bad craving and it will help immediately to curb it. I know it's hard. I hope this helps. Good Luck
Keep going, after six months or so you start to feel like a non smoker, but to be honest some days I still get the urge and I'm of them three years. One thing that is good is I feel fitter ,breathing is great, and food tastes wonderful. go on stick at it ,chew some orbit gum that works for me. All the best. B
Once i quit for 6 months and went crazy, if anyone went by me and i smelled a cigarette well i was tempted to ask that person for a drag.a stranger...i wanted a puff from a stranger,...eewwwwee.Any... if your still craving try Nicoderm patches...they release nicotene into you which might help..they really helped me and i've been smoking 25
years...good luck ...keep it up
Exactly the same. I gave up end of January and feel much better for it , but at times I really fancy one.But we mustn't give in.My health was really getting bad. My lungs were, and still are,really bad, I could hardly get up the stairs,OK I'm a bit better now, I have a better appetite, I don't cough all the time,I am rich, really rich, saved about £800 and Know that if I give way and start again I'll be in my grave in 6 months or so.So be firm with yourself, Think of all the benefits , the cravings will lessen .You have no nicotine craving now, it's all habit and custom.Keep your hands occupied. I spend hours on here and it helps.
it won't go away. however these are not cravings that you are experiencing . the physical need for nicotine has gone after 4 weeks, what you are experiencing is the need to continue the habit that you have done for so long. i gave up at christmas after smoking for 23 years and i could easily have a cigarette now, i have one in the car but i'm not going to. it will be difficult on holiday as there is nothing like lying on a beautiful beach with a cold beer a good book and a cigarette on the go but i will have to cross that bridge when i get to it. i know i no longer crave nicotine because the smell of cigarette smoke makes me feel sick but sometimes i could still kill for a smoke. giving up smoking is the best thing that you can do for your health so please don't start again. carry on with the good work you'll feel the benefits soon. xx
Good for you! The first three months are the hardest. If you've done that, you can beat it. About the cravings - find something else to reward yourself with. Jelly beans worked for me. It can take a long time to let a jelly bean dissolve in your mouth, and you can concentrate on the taste of it (there areDOZENS of flavors) the feel of it, bounce it around on your tongue, play with it in your mouth -- this all sounds goofy, but it takes your mind off of the ciggie craving and graduallyl replaces it with a jelly bean craving.Jelly beans don't cause lung cancer, throat cancer or emphysema. They're a socially acceptable substitute (you don't have to go outside to have a jelly bean) and you can share them with a young child.
Trust me, the craving will go away. Just hang in there a bit longer -- you've almost got it beat.
First off, GOOD JOB AT MAKING AN EXCELLENT LIFE CHANGE. Quitting is VERY hard to do. I smoked for 10 years and have now been smoke free for a little over a year and a half. I have absolutely NO cravings what-so-ever. But everyone is different. Did you used to smoke in your car, certain areas of where you live? I steam vaccuumed my car so i wouldn't have to smell it, and washed to ALL the walls in my apt. Threw out all ashtray, also the one in my car. When ever I had cravings, I would eat a jolly rancher. I bought one of those bigs bags. I ate one evertime I had a craving from the 1st day all the way until the bag was gone. You know what also helps you not want to smoke? Search online in like images or something and look at smokers lungs and look up pics (since they seem to have more impact) about other smoking related diseases. That's the day I quit smoking. Oct. 26th 2005, the day I looked at those pics. Don't even have "just one cig" You are ur greatest enemy in this, YOU DO HAVE THE WILL POWER TO QUIT! And good job, and good luck in the future. I dont know how old you are, I'm 23, but if you have kids or plan on having kids, imagine your life smoke free, then imagine if you don't quit, have an oxygen tank hooked to your face 24/7 and then laying in a hospital bed gasping for air as your loved ones watch you die..if that doesnt do it..good luck.
First, Congratulations on deciding to quit. Quitting smoking is one of the most challenging things any person can ever do. Quitting is probably more difficult than climbing Mt. Everest (and a lot smarter too.) Please don't get discouraged, and never give up! Dogged persistence is the one and only secret to success.

To be certain, you will probably always experience the impulse to smoke to a certain extent, it will just get weaker over time. People just do not easily forget things they believe once gave the pleasure...

You have to ask yourself what is more important to you? All the positive benefits that come from not smoking? Like having more energy, better stamina and endurance, not constantly smelling like smoke? Not constantly coughing up green gray hunks of dead lung tissue; being able to actually taste your food; not living in perpetual misery in anticipation of your next smoke break?

Or do you consider actually being healthy and happy, to be less important than dosing yourself with nerve toxin? This is exactly what nicotine is, nerve poison.

Farmers used to use nicotine on crops as a pesticide, but, as far as I am aware, the FDA banned it. Why? Because,( you guessed it,) nicotine is poisonous..

You decide...

Best of luck, don't give up!
~Donkey Hotei
don't know exactly but give yourself a big pat on the back for quitting i did it 2 years ago and its the hardest thing i have ever done be proud of yourself you don't smell like an ashtray anymore
Bit like an alcoholic. If you stop drinking even for 20 years you are a alcoholic who is not drinking. I think ex-smokers are never the same as non-smokers. They are smokers who are not smoking. The risk and the temptation is always there, it just becomes easier to resist with time.

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