Are You Working With A Disability?

I work with a so-called disability, and do overtime, I was wondering how many others are doing this same thing, please no sarcastic answers, or mean answers, thank you in advance.
Answers:    Your question is a bit vague,but I'll answer from 2 viewpoints.
1.If you are asking if anyone else with a disability works and also does overtime,then my answer would be yes.I worked for 20+ years with my lifelong disability and did much overtime.I am now receiving disability benefits.
2.If you are asking if anyone else receives disability benefits and still works full time and does overtime,then my answer would be no.If you are able to work that much you don't need disability benefits.That would be scamming the government and all those who truly need those benefits.
My answer is not meant to be sarcastic or nasty,just truthful.
What type of answer are you looking for? Do you want to know if other people with diabilities work overtime or if they have disabilities? Your question is too vague - try again.
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