What can I do to relieve a severe back ache?

I have constant lower back pain and I have tried everything... Dr's have been no help!
Answers:    Haha, I have really bad back aches, too!

If it's muscle aches, you could try:
Flipping your mattress over, or getting a new one
Take some naproxen sodium, or aleve (same thing)
Get a nice massage
Try sitting up straight
Take some yoga, or get a book on it so you can learn yourself
Try a nice warm bath, or at least a compress while you lie down to read or watch TV!

Hope that helps some! :D

yeah doctor won't do you good try a few exercises . i did the same
try hot patches that they sell at drug stores or try a warm water bag over the area and rest.
You can try using a heat pack and doing streaches like a cat. The best way though is it see a phisio. The cost a bit... but it works.
Sounds like you've pully a muscle. Try icy hot patches at the drug store and take it easy til it gets back to normal.
I would recommend trying a Pain Management dr if you haven't already. Some of them are drs of osteopathic medicine which means that some of them have special training in manipulation of the body to try and realign it kind of like a chiropractor but they look at the whole body to see what's going on. Physical therapy might be another possible option, especially when it comes to the exercise front. In the mean time maybe try some gentle stretches such as in a pool as the water will help take some of the pressure off of the joints.
I went to a Pain Center and now I take Methadone and Morphine to take care of the pain. I finally have my life back. I also go in and get an epidural shot in my back every three months and that helps also. I exercise by walking. There are a few back exercises that I can do , but you must be very careful because they can do more damage than good. Good Luck
Try stretching out the backs of your legs, lower back pain is sometime, in fact a lot of the time, caused by pinched sciatic nerves. Yoga worked for me when nothing else would, outside of surgery.
Try laying on your back on the floor, extend you legs one by one straight up in the air, hold. Now do the other one. Try laying on your back with your knees bent, then cross your ankle of one foot over to rest on top of the knee other the other bent leg. Now holding that position, pull both legs toward your chest. you should feel a very strong pull in the back of the upper leg and buttocks.
There is no quick fix, but you should see results in a few weeks.
Try ice pack, on 20 min, off 20 min. careful of burning your skin with the ice.
The first thing is not to have it operated on, I have been in agony since my first back operation in 1989, and been unable to work and walk properly since.
Taking painkillers help, but I have needed to take stronger ones over the years, upto the point where I was unfortunately addicted to morphine and Fentanyl (thankfully now 'clean').
I found that going to the swimming pool helped alleviate the pain, but only when I was or am in the water. When I get out the pain returns though.
Try buying a T.E.N.S machine. This is a device which sends electric through the nerves in the spine to 'kill' the pain. I found that this helped significantly, unfortunately when the machine is turned off the pain returns, but it is a great relief from the constant pain. They cost from £20 upwards. I don't think you can get them on the NHS.
I was told by my pain-management team that lying down flat on the back is NOT good for me, even though the pain seems to recline, as this makes the muscles in the back weaker and thus gives the lower back less support. Try sitting in an upright chair with the spine straight, this may be uncomptable at first but you will feel better after a while.
The use of the cold/hot massage technique can also help. Firstly put a hot water bottle on the sore area for about half an hour, remove and gently massage the area. Then place a cold 'pack' on the back, like a bag of frozen peas, keep this on for as long as you can and then massage the area as before. This I am told brings more blood to the area and thus helps in repair and pain relief.
I hope some of these hints help, as I know the pain that you are going through.
Good luck.
My hubby suffers from lower back pain, caused from degenerative disc disease and sciatica...he had to go to pain management for while, having three epidurals. Back pain is nothing to fool with. He has a ten's unit which works a little, it relieves some of the pressure. Also, physical therapy. He had to ride a stationary bike to strengthen his back muscles. I hope some of these ideas will help. Hope you get some type of help very soon.take care and be well
Everyone is different so what works for one person may not work for another. That being said, DO NOT take seriously any one that says not to use medications, not to have surgery, etc.. They may have had a bad experience, but you may not. I have used narcotic pain meds on and off for 14 years and have never experienced any problems, with the exception of a mild allergic reaction to one. I have also had surgery and it helped, but did not cure my problem (unfortunately by the time I was properly diagnosed and had surgery, I already had nerve damage.) I NEVER tell anyone not to do something based on my own experience. You need to consult a doctor (or many, like I did) and choose the best treatment plan for your personal situation. I do recommend seeing a pain specialist however. They will work with you to find an appropriate treatment plan for your specific problem. Best wishes.
i used to suffer with back pain, in my lower back, i changed matresses on my bed, i got a harder one, i havent had any back pains since iv had the new mattress

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