How do I treat mobility in my kneecap?

Over the past couple of days, I did a lot of biking. Now my right kneecap seems to move around an awful lot. It doesn't hurt much (only the type of ache associated with excercise), it is just kind of weird that it moves around so much (my left kneecap does not).
Answers:    You need to go see an orthopedic specialist, MD, who will xray or MRI the knee. With age we all lose the fluid around the knee which causes many problems. A doctor will determine what the problem is and prescribe either physical therapy, injections of Hyalalog, etc.

When I started having problems my ortho told me to take Cosamin DS, not any other controtin, and it really helped. He also tried injections of a substance for lubrication made from a rooster's comb and that helped for about a year. But eventually I had to have knee surgery as the joint wore away.
Your knee cap (patella) is supposed to move when your leg is straight. Tight quadriceps will potentially restrict movement because their tendon encases the patella and attaches to the tibial tuberocity (bump on the bone under your knee cap).

You should be able to move it every direction, side to side, up and down, and twisting it slightly. It shouldn't hurt. If it does, go see an Orthopedic Specialist and/or a massage therapist.

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