Is there a solution to the pain associated with ovarian cysts?

Every month the pain in my left ovary makes my whole left side throb, its very painful, I've tried tylenol, hot tea, heat pads, warm towel, anything you can think of that grandmas claim to work. Is there something else, or do I have to put up with this every month? I'm only 24, and I've already had a child.
Answers:    I can tell you what I did for my ovaries. I had alot of pain as well, I tried all those techniques that the girls have already applied to you about. It ended up that I had endrometiotis. They are like blisters, what some dr's would describe as little canker sores. What those are caused from is old blood being trapped in the walls of the vagina after your period, over time, I ended up with cysts on my ovaries, even the smallest cysts/tumors can cause alot of pain, and you feel it more so when you are on your period, You can have the dr try you on a low dose of birth control to help the pain, and if that doesn't work, try having them check your testerone level and estrogen level, sometimes they can give you some medications to lower or rise those levels to help with that. IF all else fails, do what I did and get a hysterectomy, although it was my favorite choice, it took away all of my pain and now I can enjoy life like never before and I have no periods. But don' t consider this if you are planning on having more children, sometimes getting pregnant will resolve this. I was 25 when I had my hysterectomy, although I would have loved to had more children, I am 32 now and have 3 children of my own and 2 step children, my husband and I have considered on adopting. I am pain free though, and it is nice knowing that I don't have to deal with the pain or the cyst. So check with your dr read up on endrometriotis.
Have you told this to the doctor? Because you may have a cyst(s) in your ovary or a tumor. Think you should go to the doctor and get it checked out.
green tea anti oxitents
See your gyno. Birth control pills helped me.
Been there, had it for years. Here's what worked for me. Lay down with a towel rinsed in hottest water as you can stand it with some lavendar bath salts or foam (not oil) mixed in. Put it over your lower abdomen or get on your back and put it there and keep rewarming it every 15-20 mintues. (I kept a bucket of the water next to me. Just lay, meditate and relax. Old fashioned but it works. The lavendar soothes your frazzled nerves from the pain as the heat works within. If a friend or hubby is around, let them reheat the towel.
Are you sure its even an Ovarian cyst? Rupturing cysts can be even more painful... if you have multiple cysts you might even need to have them removed... they're not life threatening by any means, but they can be debilitating when they're painful...
Talk to your Ob-Gyne... she may be able to give you a better diagnosis, and even be able to fix them...
I had cysts every month as well I had repeat Ultrasounds to check them out and they finally put me on Lupron which helped me. For now, I found with mine, a hot bath and motrin were the best. Good luck to you :)

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