***How many calories you think there will be in a Donut***?

Do you know? im not really sure. lol i keep asking all these questions today about calories. But honestly when you dont know, and yuo just eat...its not right. So plizz tell me. I really like eating sweet things so if u know of ne other things' calories u can tell me cuz i don care if ill gain weight.!
Answers:    It all depends on the dough-nut. The size, the type,sugar coated,or plain. They are all different and too many calories for me so I don't buy or make them.
Go to Krispy Kreme website. It will make you never want to eat another doughnut again. One doughnut= One meal worth of calories.
Donut or doughnut that is the question, in other words donot eat a donut because they're loaded with thick, sticky, nasty fat and will stick to your insides like honey on toast. But I'd say about 1200 - 1500 calories. About 3 hours on a treadmill, 10 miles of running or 3 hours of swimming for 10 days straight. If you want to stay in shape, stick with a delicous carrot, okay?

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