Is it possible to break the tip of your index finger off while pulling on something very hard?

I was at work last night & the machine I was running jammed up, I had to pull on the plastic film very hard to get the jam away from the cutter knife, I was concentrating very hard on getting it done quickly to get the machine going again. I remember during all the pulling & yanking that at one point I know I hurt my finger but went on doing what I was doing & got it unjammed. Later I realized It really hurt although I could bend my finger at the knuckle. Tonight it is still really sore & swollen a little & red(it hurts under my fingernail but not my fingernail, and also right above the last knuckle next to my middle finger & now my knuckle if very stiff & sore when I try to bend it.
Answers:    Yes it is possible you broke your finger. It is a myth that you cannot move a finger etc. if you broke it.

Broken Finger Symptoms:

Broken fingers rarely go unnoticed. Frequently, you have immediate pain after trauma and sometimes a deformed finger either at a joint (commonly a dislocation) or through the bone as a fracture. If there is no deformity, a sharp pain usually is felt very specifically at the injury site and will get your attention.

Sometimes you are not really sure if the finger is truly broken, and you try to bend the finger in question. A true fracture usually will be painful, but do not be fooled by a finger that has some range of motion and dull pain. Fractures are common. Depending on their stability, some may hurt more than others.

As time goes on, usually within the next 5-10 minutes, you will notice swelling and redness of the finger. The finger will become very swollen and stiff to move. Swelling is not as specific as pain and therefore may affect the adjacent fingers as well.

If the fracture is severe, bruising from released blood may be seen.

Finally, if the swelling gets too massive, numbness of the finger may occur because the nerves in the fingers are compressed.

it is possible
you should go to a doctor. they kno best and they care... if you choose the right one
It sounds like you may have pulled a muscle in you hand or finger, or rather I should say you may have bruised a tendon.
It sounds like you jammed it but if it does not get better you might want to get it checked out even though they can do nothing for a finger.

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