I stuck beans up my nose 4 days ago and i think they are starting to sprout.?

I know they have expanded up in there. Do you think i can grow a bean plant out of my nasal passage?
Answers:    What sort of beans have you stuck up there ? Those bean stalks can grow inside as well as out your nose,like through the sinuses and into your brain,to come out your ears etc. God help you if it goes into the lungs and stomach ! Try some Vaseline or baby oil in your nose and try to blow them out ! You are a MORON.
hopefully so u can win the guiness book of records and be famous
Thats not possible idiot
good serves you right :)
Just think, you can be in the Guinness world record book in several categories. The following are some of the examples that are possible:

The biggest idiot who thought he could pull this off as believable.
The only person in the world with leaves growing on his snot.
The most organically grown beans in the world.

I have a suggestion where you can shove them the next time. They will get a lot more fertilizer.
Yes, absolutly
be careful, it can go to your brain nerves, The beans plant grow fast, very fast.
First of all why would you stick beans up your nose. And second of all, why would you keep them up there?

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