Is it right to lie for the right reason?

My friend who is 18 and i am 13 we are friends. Last night we were talking online and he ask me if i cut myself just then becuz i said i was going to play with a razor and then i did cut myself. ive done it before. So i told him it was nothing, then he said he thought i was keeping something from him, so i told him i didnt cut myself so i wouldnt have to have a lecture and hurt him and have him avoid me. so he new i was hidding something and was trying to get me to crack so i told him. then (i know i am saying "then" alot, but hey) he was kinda mad becuz i lied to him and it hurts him when i lie to him ANDcut. I didnt tell him becuz i didnt want him to get hurt, i told him i did it so i wouldnt hurt him, then he said it just hurts more when i lie to him and there is never a good reason to lie, I dont like lieing to him but i didnt want him to know, what should i do in the future? i know i shouldnt cut, but now i hurt him, should i lie nexted time or tell the truth? let me guess truth
Answers:    TRUTH.

I'm an atheist - and I'd say no, it's never right to lie - no matter the reason. You can keep your mouth shut, you can be tactful in your delivery of the truth - but a lie is a lie is a lie.. and at no time are they justified. Telling lies makes you a liar (intent is irrelevant).

You can say "I don't want to discuss it".

If you'd like to "untruthful" to your list of superlatives - knock yourself out!

I think that's the least of your troubles though..
Everything is RELATIVE. Yes, it is proper to lie if it will prevent anxiety, or hurt in others. Don't listen to religious nitwits, they are usually the biggest liers of them all.
If you don't want to hurt him, then don' lie. But there are other things at play here. Cutting is a disorder... it is an abnormal compulsion to cut one's self becuase the act of doing so seems to relieve stress.

If he understood your disorder, he might also understand why you lie about it. Have him read this article:

Maybe he will get a better understanding about what is going on. You should also consider talking to a counselor or therapist about this as it is usually a symptom of something else going on that you need to talk about, possibly in counselling with a professional.
Not usually, because the truth will come out eventually.
No. Not going to say truth. That's your call. Many people just don't get why people cut and will react negatively to your actions. it's hard for people who haven't cut to really understand what you feel. I always try to feel somebody out about the topic before I am willing to entertain questions seriously. I might bring it up casually after people are talking about some "emo" person or band. Key word being casually. Don't draw attention to yourself or seem too excited about the topic. Don't get emotional or defensive. And that way, you kind of know how somebody's going to react before you tell them.

Then again, it already seems like your friend didn't flip out and that he genuinely cares. People give "lectures" because they care. If you want to, then you should tell him. If you are going to say that you are going to go play with a razor, then you're almost yelling that he should ask, and he has a right to know. If you're going to dangle it in front of him (obvious or not), then it becomes his issue too. I don't know the context of what you said, but if you're going to joke about it, then try and make it more impersonal.

Telling the truth depends on whether you think he'll be supportive.

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