Severe leg cramps? What could cause them to last longer than 30 minutes other than thyroid or diabetes?

I mean not just at night, during the day all the time! They are debilatating almost. Any good remedies?
Answers:    many things cause leg cramps.. i would be speculating on the cause of yours...

try drinking tonic water.
Blood clots?
Having a too low potassium level. That can happen anytime and last for hours.
dehydration can cause muscle cramping

severe dehydration causes all your muscles to cramp---

remember your HEART is a Muscle.

don't take chances--see a doctor if you are having this problem.

Could be something mild to something severe,
but remember, most severe things are treatable, even curable, if caught EARLY enough!

Go to the doctor! :)

Hope you find out what it is and can feel better soon. :)
try eating a banana a day (seriously)
Poor circulation could be the problem. When it is severe, your fingers or toes will begin to change color, and medical assistance is needed.

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