Any advice on dislocated hip?

I've been to the doctor about this a few months ago and he referred me to a physiotherapist who told me I've a dislocated hip, probably caused by my pregnancy. My hip clicks as I move my leg up and down and the bone on my left hand side just at the bottom of the spine hurts, the physiotherapist advised me to do some exercises every day which I have been doing but it's not helping. Yesterday I fell and now it's hurting very baddly today but there's not point in going to the doctor because all he'll do is refer me to the hospital and it will take months before I get an appointment. What do I do? I'm in so much pain...

He or she can correct the problem with one adjustment, but when the muscles have been stretched, short on one side and long on the other, they can pull it back out of place. So it might take two or three to keep it in place.

Call to day and do it you will feel better promptly (as long as it is not fractured).

Good Luck Do it right away.
get off it for a while, used ice perhaps, Tylenol or aspirin can help thing like that somewhat, but you should still see a doctor
Yes, rest don't it sounds good just relaxe sweetie you'll be ok. .

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