Could this be a sympton of arthritis?

its only in my right hand, but my knuckles constantly feel as if i want or need to click them and they feel strained... theres also pain in them which goes sometimes and really hurts at other times...
its only in the past week or so that i have really begun to notice it...
i work for a company in which i am on the computer for 9 hours, i think this is making it worse...

could this be the onset of arthritis?
Answers:    Yes, quite possibly.
sounds like arthrits to me
there is ~ rollemup is the med
Could be.but I would bet it is carpal tunnel syndrome. It can make your wrist or fingers hurt and often times is accompanied by swelling. You can take ibuprofen or a similar anti-inflammatory drug to reduce the swelling and ease the pain.
In addition you can buy a wrist wrap that will provide warmth to ease the pain and swelling when you are keying data on the computer.
i am not a dr but that is what it sounds like. does it seem to get worse if it is going to rain?
Yes! You Need To Get It Checked Out

Just Keeping It Real
Since it's starting in the small joints, my first thought is tendonitis. Your best bet is to see a doctor and get a proper evaluation.
If its Arthritis it will be much worse 1st thing in the morning,then get easier as the day goes on.
maybe its repetitive strain injury - that's what the need to click sounds like, and the fact you type so much. i'd go and get it checked out. feel better :0)
It could be a sort of repetitive strain injury caused by typing rather than arthritis. Your best bet though is to speak to your doctor.
Same symptoms l had,I started taking Glucosomate Sulphate
tablets,which help a lot.
Yes. Get to your GP a.s.a.p.
Go on then, a.s.a.p., and don't offer to shake hands!
I have that as well - to do with using the mouse. It would be an idea to get one that is as flat as possible. Move your fingers and keep them active other than on the computer.

I have used a muscle reliever on the knuckles which helps (emu oil based). I can get you details if you wish-email me.

Avoid using a wrist rest anything that lifts your hand up in an unnatural position.

Hope this helps you.
yes it could be
Sounds like either Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or Repetitive Strain Injury. Go see your doc
Information on causes and natural,home remedies for arthritis is available at
Sounds like arthritis and probably aggravated by working on computers for long periods. Try stopping every so often and move the fingers around in different movements to the typing lines.
Suggest you see your Dr to confirm what is wrong and what you can do to ease the problem.

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