Anyone ever get sciatica from a herniated disc.?

Would you mind telling me your experience and whether you needed surgery. I have a neurosurgeon consultation coming up soon since I have such severe pain in my buttcheek, my thigh,calf and foot. Also,my foot is numb and sometimes my calf muscle gets numb. Oddly, my lower back doesn't really hurt. Any feedback helpful if answers are honest and serious
Answers:    My wife had this many years ago, and thought it was just something that you put up with. Until on day she couldn't feel her leg, (I guess that is the numbness) So we took her in and they removed the L-7 Disc, This is the lowest disc in the back and it was the one that was herniated. It is also the only disc that doesn't have to be fused when the disc is removed.She has had no trouble since then and it is at least 30 years.

Good luck
I have what you have, and have had it for about 20 yrs. I would never get back surgery. I have heard so many pro's and con's. I go every so often to the pain clinic for either an epidural to releive the pain going down the leg, thru the butt cheeck, or I have also had much releif from trigger point injections. I was just laid up again with a cane for two weeks with pain, so made another appointment for the epidural, and am now releived again. Find a pain clinic, and make an appointment to see your other options.
I have sciatica, so I know the pain that you're going through. That being said, I would NEVER get surgery. The spine is too risky. Unless the pros outweigh the cons (being able to walk again > being alive and/or not paralyzed), I wouldn't do it. In any case, feel better and good luck.

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