Is my wrist fractured?

I'm 13 years old and I did a cartwheel and moved my wrsit in a funny way I heard it pop but I only had very mild pain so i didn't worry about it. But the next day I woke up and my wrist and forearm hurt really bad and there was swelling and bruising. I have a history of growth plate fractures and I think my wrist may be fractured, is it?
Answers:    You would know if it was fractured. It would hurt too much for you to even lift your arm. You may have dislocated it and it probably popped back into place already. It will swell for a few days. This is just based on what you wrote though I'm no doctor...just have some experience with broken bones and dislocations. Go get an xray and some pain pills you'll be healed up in no time.
It kinda sounds like it but you should always go to the doctor to make sure. They could make a correct decision with an x-ray.
Only an x-ray can tell.

Can you move it without pain? No pain may be ok. Pain, git it checked.
um yeah, goto the doctor please
either that, or maybe just a bad! sprain! hope it gets better soon!
No one can know for sure without an Xray.
Because of your history with frqactures I would splint it and see your doctor asap.

A popping sound can also accompany sprains and dislocations so splinting will also protect those injuries until you can get it checked.
The only way to tell if a wrist is fractured is to get an Xray or a Bone scan...both which involve going to see a doctor. For the time being, I would recommend treating your wrist with ice and aspirin for the pain / inflammation.
stop doing cartwheels and fix your danm arm! stupid! i'm not a doctor! let your arm fall off! let it swell up like a melon! go to a free clinic and get checked! put ice on it. have you thought about these things before you waste your time on the net!have a good day...
The only person who can answer that would be a doctor looking at x-rays.

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