I just had surgery for my fractured ankle. i'm home now but my ankle still hurts when I try to walk more?

than a few feet on crutches and it feels like the bones are grinding when my leg is anything but up. How long before i'm able to get around seminormally on crutches? I went to the mall with my friends in a wheelchair but even getting from the entrance to the car on crutches was hard, esp since i was afraid i would fall
Answers:    Ankle surgery is complicated because of all the small bones, ligaments and tendons. That is a very small area, but can have the most amount of swelling. With other surgeries surrounding soft tissue can give way and allow room for the swelling. In the ankle, that does not happen, bones are not that forgiving.

When you are standing the, blood flow is increased due to gravity and the added pressure causes more pain. The bones feel like they are grinding because the swelling pushes them together and they cause pain because of it.

Please keep your ankle elevated until the swelling goes down, otherwise you could damage the ends of the bones and you will have that pain for the rest of your life. Don't walk on it too soon or you'll loose all the advantages of the surgery.

Take care.
don't walk on it it will just make it worse
Well it's simple, YOU JUST HAD SURGERY. Probably shouldn't be walking on it. A friend of mine had the same thing and couldn't walk all summer. Her ankle still swells up and hurts from time to time almost a year later. The more you walk on it now the longer it will take to heal. I'd sugest stay out of the mall, lay around for a couple weeks and get fat and eat chips. (smoke marijuana if you like) Afterall that's what the painkillers are for anyway.
Don't be dumb
Id give it a few weeks before you can get around without discomfort with your crutches. Your ankle needs time to heal, so just don't move the ankle too much.
When the swelling goes down from the surgery. That is what is making it feel like the bones are grinding together. It's the swelling, pressure & throbbing when your ankle gets lower than your heart. It will stop. Until then, just try to keep your leg up as much as possible. That will help the swelling to go down faster. I had internal fixation for a shattered ankle (broken in 12 places) years ago. I know the pain you feel. I would cry just hopping to the bathroom 15 feet away. Just that quick it hurt so bad. It will get better--promise!
STOP trying to do so much!! Its broken! you have to give
it time to heal!! And if it is grinding together you might
considering talking to your doctor and making sure that,
that is normal.
crutches are meant to keep you from putting weight on the ankle. Keep your foot off the ground for a while.

fractures can take upwards of 4-6 months to heal properly (without surgery) so don't put any more stress than ABSOLUTELY necessary on it so it can heal properly.
I'd say in about a week you'll be able to spend more "vertical" time. You have a broken bone, and had a doctor cut into your leg and poked around in there to fix it. Yes, it's going to hurt for a while. They did give you some Percocet or Vicodin didn't they?
if you just had surgery-you should not be on your foot
AT ALL.keep it iced and elevated as much as possible
you should wait at least a week before trying to walk on it
but what does your doctor say??
well at least 2 to 3 days after you get the surgery the area around the surgery place will hurt very badly if you got some painkillerls take um but dont try to wlak on ur ankle on them it wont hurt you becasue of the pills but actually it will be makingg it worse you just wont fell it in about a week almost you should be able to walk with cruthces with some pain after 2 to 3 weeks you will be able to walk with almsot or no pain i hope this helps you :)
Had a similar sports injury on my right ankle. I had two surgeries and was in crutches and a wheelchair from 7th grade until my junior year in high school.

My first surgery failed because I didn't stay off it enough. I tried to do too much too soon- wound up falling on it and reinjuring it just a few days after surgery. After my second surgery 2 years later, I stayed off it for at least a week, kept it raised, and basically practiced using my crutches around the house as much as possible until I felt more comfortable using them-- especially on stairs.

For now, since you just got back from surgery-- make sure you rest it and give it a good start at healing. Practice a bit with those crutches around the house until you feel more balanced and less awkward with them. You'll get better with them in no time.

Hope this helps and best of luck!
Girl - you need to take it easy if you want it to heal properly.

Follow all your doc's advice - to the letter. Especially if you don't want to have to repeat the surgery cause you screwed it up!

Trust me - my ex hubby did not follow his doc's advice. Due to that - he's had 4 more surgeries..
Pace yourself.
The hardest days are the first few days after you've been released from hospital. In the hospital you had stronger meds and you weren't doing as much and your leg was probably elevated most of the time.
Your leg is swollen. That's what's causing the pain when you walk and the wieird feelings. Try to keep it elevated as much as possible to keep the swelling down.
Don't try to do too much too soon. It will get easier over the next few days. Then everyday you'll be able to do more and more walking on your crutches. Just pace yourself. In a week or two you should have no problem walking with your crutches.
Good luck.
Girl, I honestly have no idea how long it will be until u can get around without pain. Just make sure to follow the doctors instructions and it should heal up fine. Also, tell ur doc how much pain u are in and maybe he can give u something or has suggestions as to what u can do to help u with ur recovery

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