The emergency room staff was horrid to me, do they think everyone is a drug seeker?

I have a constant siatic nerve problem in one leg and foot. I live with this daily and get by with over the counter meds. About twice a year, it gets so bad that I need to go to the emergency room for something narcotic to break the pain cycle. The last time I went ( it had been 9 months ) I told the doctor that I was allergic to torodol. He never bothered to pull my charts to see that I had a reaction to it. He simply said " you are not allergic, have never met anyone that was" I also told him what i usually get that does the trick. So , in comes the nurse with a shot. I asked her what it is, she replied " the pain killer you requested" 10 mins later she comes back to check me and I am still in pain , wheezing and covered with hives. Now I need an IV of benedryl. The doctor apologized and said " I thought you were just another drug seeker" Then he had a letter typed up to carry with me stating I was allergic to torodol. Was he just trying to be nice to cover his butt ?
Answers:    Unfortunately, the ER doctor's are faced with "drug-seekers" on a daily basis and more often than not are immue to truely ill patients. It sounds like he was truly apologizing for his mistake and to make it easier for your, offering to give you this letter so it won't happen in the future.j
Talk to a lawyer.
File a complaint with the hospital. Put that in the sob's file. Nice presumption on his part.
I would still go talk to a lawyer, even though he did apologize and type up a letter for you. They should have looked in you file!

By the way have you gone to this place before needing pain killers?
Talk to a laywer. See a chiropractor for the sciatic nerve problem. They do help.
I am sorry for your chronic pain problem. Try establishing a relationship with a Doctor who has someone on call at his office during off hours and that will give you continuity of care. ER's are for not breathing, or bleeding profusely, or heart attacks. In other words, life-threatening issues.
No doctor has a right to give you medication if you say you are allergic to it. What if you went into anaphylactic shock? That's just wrong. That is the problem with a lot of the ER's today - so many medical people seem to have lost their compassion and no one seems to listen.
YEP. All emergency rooms think people are drug seekers. When in all reality most of the people who go really have no insurance and can't afford a Doctor.

He was trying to cover his ***. Sounds to me like you might want to consult an attorney.
DEFINITELY consult an attorney. Giving you a medication you clearly stated you are allergic to is malpractice. If he didn't want to give you a narcotic, there are other medications he could have tried. He was definitely trying to cover his ***. If he didn't check the chart, gave you the med and you had a reaction it's malpractice; if he did check the chart, gave you the med anyway and you had a reaction it's still malpractice.
you're messing around with the ER?

Go see a regular doctor.
ER doctors have to be careful because they see many people everyday that are trying to get drugs, but the fact that he gave you a medication that you specifically told them you were allergic to- that's not good, it's malpractice. Hopefully that doctor learned something that day to be careful about who he thinks is a "drug seeker". I'm sorry that had to happen to you. I know how it is to be thought about as a druggie because I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and some kids at school thought I was a druggie or something until I finally was so sick of the narcotics not doing anything for my pain that I went off of them.
Doctors have a responsibility to listen & note patients, health concerns, and or prior medical conditions including allergies, and any drugs the patient is on, this is irrespective if in the patient has attened the ER, or a doctor in private practise. (This is hard if a patient does not divulge any medical info)

I would make a complaint to the hospital, about what happened, if you feel your complaint is not taken seriously, then talk to a lawyer to see if you have any legal standing against the doctor.

The doctor made an error in assuming you where a drug user, which could have easily cost your life, and the hospital has to be aware that this sort of thing occours, and set up protocols and policies to avoid the death of some unsuspecting patient.

Have you thought of getting a Medic Alert braclet or necklace, which will hopefully avoid this sort of thing happining again. That is if your hospital recognises Medic Alerts.
I dealt with this for 23 years. It caused severe disruption of my life. There could hae been hope for my condition way back then but now they say I'll likely be in a chair in a few more years. I too have nerve involvement and I would have spells which would then go away for as long as two years. By them refusing to treat the pain I had to myself. I could not stand the pain. I am very pain tolerant and took no pain meds at all for old fashioned gall bladder surgery. cyst removal, or for 4 c-sections.After each section I left the hospital on the 2nd day.I am quite tough but could not stand the back and nerve pain.You were lucky in this day and age to get help. Now I get no break at all in the pain and am on narcotic pain relief for life. I'd love to have my life back.My horses have become pets and my snowshoes hang on the wall like a decoration.They allow me to do almost nothing and I can no longer work. I feel it is awful how people are treated who really need help because of others who do not.I even brought with me records showing all the surgery I've had without meds thinking for sure it would help me but it did not. It is horrible to be forced to find your own relief for sure and it lead me down roads I thought I'd never see.Something needs to be done about it for sure. I do see the doctors side of it.They have much invested in their careers and don't want to risk losing it to drug seekers. Then again I should not have had to hand my life over because no one would treat me or even order the tests needed to be properly diagnosed. Once I did find someone to then I start getting all the apologies and doctors saying well I can see why you are in so much pain. Very unfair no doubt!

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