Bruise on hand/wrist?

I have a bruise right where the hand meets the wrist. (not center, but to the left, two inches below base of thumb) It's about 1.5 cm in diameter and it doesn't hurt unless I touch it. Since it's right on the spot that aids in thumb movement, I'm not sure whether or not I should limit the use of my left hand for the time being. Will movement lead to the bruise becoming worse/healing slower?
Answers:    it sounds like its not that big of a bruise or your not in that much pain. i have broken both of my wrists racing motocross and anytime you have a bruise in an area that gets moved a lot can be a pain in the butt. if i were you i wouldnt totally restrict movement in that area because if you do for to long then the muscles might become tense then you will have to deal with hurt muslces and bruises.
no it should have no significant effect. Taking motrin can help with breaking down the blood which is what causes a bruise in the first place.

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