Is there a way to heal Shin Splints fast?

I've been doing Phys Ed for a long time (except for last year), but this year, about 1 to 2 days after I started, my shins started to hurt. Only lately, I've been off the gym (only going every now and then). We run every day 3 times around the gym and do stretches. I'm not sure if this could affect it any. Can it get serious and is there a way to heal them (quickly maybe)? If not, is there a way?
Answers:    Icing and ibuprofen (or naproxen sodium/Aleve) are the best ways to heal shin splints, but stretching your shins is by far the best way to prevent them. I ran on the cross-country and track teams in high school but never even knew a person could stretch his/her shins until I took an aerobics class in college - kind of ironic.

I believe there's a few shin stretches, but the one I learned goes like this:
1. Bend one leg at the knee, to about a 45 degree angle.
2. Lean down & rest your hands on your bent leg.
3. Place the other leg in straight out in front of you.
4. Tap the foot of the straight leg from side to side until you first feel the stretch in your shin, then until you can't stand the feeling anymore.
5. Reverse sides.
6. Repeat twice more on each side.

You feel a little silly doing the stretch, but I have yet to develop shin splints in the 10 years I've been stretching the shins prior to exercise. I hope your shins heal quickly, & happy stretching in the future!
Ice them and take Aspirin. Make sure you are taking vitamins.
sounds like you have changed the type shoes you are wearing for gym...You need to get the proper kind for what you are doing, they may cost you more but it makes a big difference and helps.
Also, try to warm up a bit longer before gym begins and do more stretching exercises. May need to get on a machine to build up the muscles in your legs a bit too.

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