Is drinking a lot of pop really THAT bad for me?

i hardly ever drink water. I drink A LOT of pop everyday. Probably about 90 percent of the liquids i drink is pop.
Does it really cause damage to the bones over time? Are there other serious problems it could cause other than tooth decay?
Answers:    I drink a lot of it too. I know it may affect your teeth and it does contain a bunch of sugars and calories. But, hey, I don't drink (alcohol), smoke, or do drugs, so I feel it works out fine! I've never heard of the bones thing, and I have a hard time believing it.
Yes. It is full of sugar and chemicals. Try substituting iced tea with very little sugar for these drinks.
All that sugar is definetly not good for you. How abuot weight gain? I mean come on you can't be drinking that much "liquid sugar" and not even flinch, don't do that to your body, drink water.
There is A LOT of sugar in soda pop. All those calories add up and it's not good for your diet.

Check out this video of how much sugar is in a can of pop:
Drinking pop is drinking "empty calories"- all the calories that sugar gives you do nothing for your body, and you will see a weight gain over time. Pop also contains caffeine, which dehydrates you (so drinking pop will actually make you MORE thirsty!), raises your blood pressure and can cause headaches. As for damage to the bones, I don't know. But I can tell you that if you don't have a large amount of calcium, ie. milk, yogurt, cheese, in your diet, your bones will suffer.
It rots your teeth, eats away at your stomach lining, and makes you fat. Furthermore, it is taking away your opportunity to get other nutrients into your system. Yup, it's bad stuff.
I would think if a can of pop can dissolve battery acid on a battery wonder what it will do to your stomach?? It's very bad for you and the more sugar you take in will raise your blood sugar and make you very tired. Drink lots of water and if you need flavor try some of the new packets of Crystal Lite or something to add to it. Not to mention the calories they have in them.

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