Do i need complete bed rest for pulled muscles in my back?

i pulled my muscles in my back around rib cage. i am on muscle relaxers and pain killers which help. should i stay in bed or could i walk and sit? i am tired of laying in bed. when i take the pills i feel alot better but i dont know if i am aggravating it by walking and sitting .help
Answers:    I pulled a muscle in my back once and I took some muscle relaxers but in the morning was the worst getting out of bed and the slightest move would set it off. I do not reccomend just lying in bed. I suggest that you get some range of motion going on try to bend your back a little by little everyday. You have to get some movement in there. If you do not they will stay stiff and sometimes hurt more. Try to get your significant other to rub your back with warm massaging oil to try and work the muscle. If you do not have a significant other than this is the time to put the moves on the Just kidding but you ned to work it out and trust me you will feel better. Good luck just take it easy.
I spent six weeks lying on my back with torn muscles the more rest on your back the better it will be.
I reccommend.

I disagree with complete rest. Physio, stretches and some excercise are thought to be better unless you are completely incapacitated. Muscles freeze up without use.
you should be fine, i pulled some muscles in my back and i walked around quite a bit, as long as your not picking anything up more then 15 to 20 pounds then i say it should be fine if you get up and walk around a bit or sit up
you probably dont need complete bed rest...but yeah do try walking or sitting or giving your body some kind of an could do basic good...if your dear doc has strictly told you to be on a conmplete bed rest...adhere to it for the maximum time...later you can carry out certain basic chores...hope you get well soon.
Well for a pulled muscle to heal you need to slow work it out. Also if you can do back exercises to strenghrn your back muscsle sna also if you can get your back muscles massaged as often as you can and start with a slow but firm movement on your back and if a friend does it tell them not to press too ahrd when massageing your back. But a pulled muscle will take a while to heal but walking or sitting is fine but don't overdo it neither.
When I injured my back, my doctor recommended walking and moving around as much as possible. I spent the first few days in bed and then got up and started moving around the house - it really hurt at first but then after a few minutes the pain subsided and my back loosened up.

Your physician will be the best person to recommend bed rest or some exercise. He or she can probably also give you some exercises to help loosen up any muscle spasms that you might have. You can call the doctor's office and leave a message instead of having to go down there. I've always been told that for muscle strains and spasms that it's better to keep moving while being careful not to overdo it. Trust me, you'll know when you're starting to overdo it.
You can sit in a position which is rather comfortable and you can walk around without putting much stress on the aching muscles. Ask someone for a gentle massage this would greatly help. Better sleep without any pillows. Think of taking a hot bath and be a lot patient. For future reference, make note of the things which went well for you backache this time. Good Luck
...hmm...and your health care provider said to...?

The purpose of pain is so that when our body needs attention we pay attention.

Now you've blocked that communication with medication.
So how are you going to know when you are overdoing it?

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