What is wrong with me? i feel very dizzy and i don't know what it is cause from?

I feel dizzy when i bend forward and lay down! Yesterday, i went to the beach and drove around that was all! I came back home and my face is hot..NO SUNBURN but it felt like a fever. When i woke up my face is back to normal and i didn't get a cold..Im fine. But i still feel dizzy. I don't have money to go to the emergency room...and i don't think is that serious...ekk what can it be?
Answers:    dizzyness causes
inner ear infection
swimmers ear
bump on head
heat or sun stroke
High or low blood pressure.
It could be an inner-ear problem which you could learn to live with (maybe) - it could just be water in your ear which may go away on it's own. It could also be something more serious having to do with your blood pressure which you MUST MUST MUST get taken care of! Check out state/local insurance options for those who don't have insurance as well as programs at local hospitals which may be available to help pay for treatments.

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