Are there any nurses out there who can tell me what might be wrong ?

Well, I have been sick off and on since Monday. I had diarrhea Monday evening and Tuesday along with a fever of 100.9 and a sore throat. Wednesday I felt a little better, then that afternoon I went to see a doctor who sees you for 5 minutes gives u a prescription and you're done. I had never gone to him before, but it was quick and convenient. So he precsribed me Zithromax and Promethazine. Thursday I felt better and continued taking my meds. Then last night (Thursday evening) I started feeling horrible. I was really tired and just out of it. I went to bed around 9p.m. and was running a fever, again, I couldn't sleep. I woke up around 6a.m. feeling miserable with a pounding headache, freezing cold, and a temp. of 101. I took tylenol, my headache went away, but I still felt blah. I started sweating, took a shower then felt fine. I just went to see a nurse practitioner and now all I have is just a sinus infection. I've had all that miserable stuff for a sinus infection ??
Answers:    It could be all that miserable stuff caused the sinus infection :(
because you probably had something viral which weakens your body's immune system. That, in turn, leaves you vulnerable to other things. It's good that you're being treated though for what you actually have, sinus infections can become very nasty if they're not. Hope you feel better!
Sounds like you had (And I 2nd the advice) a virus that possibly did turn in to a sinus infection. It's hard to say.

There a few terrible bad bugs going around sounding like the above. If you don't feel better by Monday head back and perhaps they will get you some blood tests-
(Mono etc)..

drink a lot of clear fluids or OJ
soup (clear)
and steam in the shower if you can.
As a registered nurse we are not legally allowed give a diagnosis to your symptoms. What I can tell you is this. When we become infected with a virus which antibiotics do NOTHING for we will run an elevated temp. With bacterial infections which we use antibiotics for you will also run a temp. When a doctor gives you an antibiotic like zithromax make sure you have an actual bacterial infection. DO NOT take antibiotics for viral infections because they will do nothing for virus infections. You could have had a respiratory infection that the antibiotic reduced to a sinus infection by the time you seen the NP. Just make sure that you finish you antibiotic therapy. Never stop antibiotic treatment because you feel better. If you do this then later in life you could develop resistance to the antibiotic.
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