How do you clean foreskin?

My son just came home from the hospital and is unable to wash himself, so I have been bathing him in bed. He is 13 and has grown alot from the last time I have given him a bath.

I have only washed baby boys, and not sure how to wash a young teen boy penis. How do I clean the foreskin? I washed it with soap and my Mother told me that wasn't good for the skin. She put baby oil on it but it still looks kind of swollen and red. What is the right way to clean it? Also everytime my Mother and I wash him he gets an erection, is that normal? When I pull the foreskin back to wash it, his penis becomes erect. Are we doing something wrong that might be making this happen? Thanks for any answers.
Answers:    The erection is quite normal since touch is a stimulus. If your boy was circumcised you won't have to worry about the foreskin. Don't know why your mom says soap is not good for him-what would clean him up then? And by the way, why in the first place was his penis swollen and red?
the soap is too much on the inside of the skin.Try to wash your mouth or the inside of your eyes with it and you will see why they will turn red and irritated...
Do with just water,and if needed 'til clean lots of it.Once in a while if just as a treat,you can add something more like a light watered mouthwash,but it maybe still too aggressive inside the plait.Olive or almond oil is much healthier but will need to be better rinsed off,the next day.Good for the skin,but also for else to adhere to.
To provoke less erection stimulation when handling the foreskin try to don't touch the lower part of the foreskin,and hold it by the sides at some level below the crown rim without sliding it over loose.But the rinsing with the other hand fingers may induce happy your son reflex reactions are there normal.
sounds like a mild infection if all red and swollen. the erection, hello, teenage boy, natural reaction at that age with any attention. maybe if its a long term thing you having to wash it circumcising be easier, no worry with it then.
just pull skin back and wash is what normally happens. well thats all i did before getting circumcised.

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