Lumps under armpit?

On my left arm pit i have 2 lumps, they are painful whenever i move my arm around, theres no deformity in my skin but when i rub it i feel the lump, and its very sensitve.suggestions? theorys? please help
Answers:    That is where lymph nodes are. Could be serious. Could be nothing. See a physician.
Go see a Dr.
See a doctor immediately!
go to the docter asap
thats where some of your lymph glands are and they must be infected so go to your doctor. it could even be cancer.
Sounds like your glands are active in an effort to fight off some sort of infection. I wouldn't worry about it unless it persists for a couple more weeks or you become ill.
I would say to get checked it could be swollen lyph nodes and some times that would be very dangerous, it could be a small infection that is causeing then to swell or it might be something alot worst like a type of cancer. Your Lyph node can show sign of all kind of illnesses.
Probably folliculitis.
If you are shaving your arm pits, some of the hairs can get stuck under the skin, become infected, and sore.
If they do not go away in a few days, antibiotics may be needed.
Try warm compresses to ease the follicles, and see if they will come through the skin.
If not, go follow up with a doc.
What starrwoode said...
infected sweat glands. have them removed. infection is nothing to put off, can spread and cause more harm.
I too had lumps, went to my doc and had it drained. it is a cyst
You may have an ingrown a hair which got infected
i had this problem before its probably just from not applying alcohol from shaving or just sharing deodorant, things like that and its probably a boil if you go to a doctor they will give you antibiotics to help and apply warm damp towel and soon it wont hurt and you can squeeze it and puss will come out it might be nasty but its true oh yeah it can be a hair trying to grow back but cant
lymph nodes...could be you have an infection ... could be cancerous. regardless get it check out by a doctor right away..
Hate to scar you but it is possible that it could be cancer. A lot of anti-perspirants contain an ingredient called aluminum zirconium, which has been link to causing breast cancer. I would get that checked out immediately.
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