Any ideas for stretching shoes that pinch the toes?

Answers:    They make a device that you can insert into the shoe to stretch them out. Check the yellow pages for a "cobbler" or "shoemaker" in your area. They can sell them to you, or even stretch the shoe for you. My father always had the inserts.
buy the right size
get a shoe horn..any shoe shop or shoe mender will sell one..the stretch shoes and are very effective
stuff with newspaper and leave for a couple of days. put the paper in each time you've worn them. they will stretch.
Stuff the toes of your shoes with paper and leave them for about a week that should help you
Yes. you can actually buy a device made exactly for stretching your shoes. It is called a 'shoe-stretcher, and can be seen here...

However, I would suggest buying footwear that fits, rather than forcing a shoe to grow to fit ur feet. Material is constrained by it's limits of flexibility and elasticity, and will eventually reform to it's original size. It will be much more comfortable and healthy for your feet.

cut the ends off so your toes stick out , that will give you all the room ya need. Plus you'll be bringing back an old fashion of Fred Flinstone.

(ok , alright, i had no idea's, but i just couldn t pass this one up lol)
shoe repairer's normally do that ..they have the shoe stretcher
What you can do is . buy some shoe stretch liquid apply it in the shoe either wear it for a day ,so it will stretch while your foot is in it..or force something in the shoe where it pinched and leave for a day or so ..good luck .lol
I think that you'll try various methods and in the end hurt your feet. Is it really worth ruining your feet for this pair of shoes? If you stretch them too much, it will ruin the finish and you won't want to wear them anyway.

You could always cut out the toes of the shoe and use wear them in the garden.
I normally stuff them with damp newspaper and leave overnight.
You can heat up the leather with a hairdryer and then, when it's still hot, stuff scrunched up newspaper into the toes. This works, I've tried it.
Or, I've heard that you can put a plastic sandwich bag into the shoe, fill the bag with water and then freeze the whole lot. Ice expands and will stretch the shoe. Haven't tried this one though.
stuff tightly with newspaper every night
Use wet newspaper, messy but works.
i won' repeat what they used to do in my mums time.but what i have done is stuff with wet news paper,and leave for a few days,then wipe out,it works alright.
You can either stuff with wet newspaper or take them to a shoe repairer(cobbler) and get them to stretch them for you.

Keep stuffing with newspaper for a few nights until they feel comfortable.
A shoe horn or wet newspapers.

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