Shin splints?

is there a miracle cure out there?./..
Answers:    Depends

WHat are you doing to get them?

I always got them from playing basketball on hard cement or tar courts. In this case you can get better shoes or newer once as sometimes the foam just becomes too compressed. Inserts in the shoes are good too.

If you are getting them do to overtraining then this is your body's way of telling you that you need to mix it up and vary your routine to avoid the pounding.

The last component to shin splints is stretching. Stretching your calves does a great deal towards alleviating this. In fact there is a commercial product designed just for stretching to avoid shin splints
a good pair of trainers (sports shoe). In the meantime, the pain will go in a couple of days - it really hurts doesn't it.
I don't know about a miricle cure, but Ice sure helpped me when I was on the track team in High school. get a couple of 5 gal buckets put your legs in and fill them with ice. stay in as long as you can stand it.
From experience, and with others I've talked to about this subject, the do go away after a while. Just don't overdo it at first. When I had them, they would hurt like heck the first several minutes that I ran, but would go away. That lasted for 3 weeks. I think I stopped trying running for 2 weeks, then started again. Then they were gone. The two weeks was to let my legs heal completely.

That was how I experienced my shin splints
Ice, good shoes, and rest. If you're a runner, you should take a 2 week break, and let your shin muscles heal. Also, when running, make sure your strides are not too long (this can cause shin splints).
Take it easy, putting ice on it can help with the pain
dont wear non-running shoes when you are running and try running on grass its better. stretch before you run and after and get trainers if you are in a school sport that way they can massage you if you happen to get them during a game. as far an actual cure no there is none just the advise that i just mentioned.
hope this helps
No miracle cure, I'm afraid, but you should be able to settle it with rest, ice, gentle stretching and physio - for electrotherapy and/or orthotics.
Avoid camber running (ie on the side of the road), stay off treadmills - they tend to flare it up, no matter how good your footwear is.
Invest some time in getting really good footwear, i.e. plenty of absorption in the soles, and start a really good calf muscle stretching routine, - you can start this during your rest period.
If you haven't already done so, see your GP - some forms of shin splints can cause you serious problems if left untreated, so you should get checked.
Good luck, I'm pasting a link with some more info:
Ice and rest, elevate your shins.

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