After give birth for 20 years,what 2 do if the part of virginia is torn(mean it's not in its original position

Answers:    What did Virginia do? If she's torn, she needs to get it fixed. She shouldn't be giving birth again.
Virginia or Vagina?
I bet Virginia is sick and tired of giving birth for 20 years straight.
The Guinness Book of World records needs this woman's number!
Go see a gynecologic surgeon who will fix the problem , and you will be good as new. Depending on how bad the tear is, it should not be difficult to fix, and you should be able to go home the same day. Of course there will be discomfort but lessen in about a week.
Hmm, I am not sure what to make of the question but, I think you are saying your uterus is tipped? In that case you can have a procedure that will put it back into place with a suture.
There is also a ring that can be inserted in the vagina to hold it in place temporarily, I would see the gynecologist about this.
It can be repaired by a plastic surgeon. The same surgeon who do Vaginal rejuvenations, re-sexing and clitoral circumcision repair can help you.

Most tears to the vagina or vaginal walls are repaired after the birthing.
depending on the tear and if there is no damage to your uterus the surgery is relatively simple and could be done on an outpatient basis - consult with your gynecologist or family doctor first
Us poor women have to through so much,why did Eve have to bite the apple.We have many problems.

Go see your Doctor and i hope everything get better for you?
So sorry to hear about your Virginia.

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