What is the best method to disinfect, sanitise a toilet without using *harmful chemicals ?

*Harmful chemicals to kids and pets
Answers:    Melaluca alternifolia other wise known as tea tree oil. put a 6 drops into a spray bottle with water and spray. This is an anti fungal, disinfectant, sanitizer , bug spray ( including gets rid of lice and keeps it away) and all natural from Australia. You can add it to your laundry soap with out bleach, also in that same note silver does that too. You can add the oil to water and spray on before going outside, even on your pets, to furniture, or on your counters, and cleaning solutions. Add it to your shampoo and conditioner , to your hand soaps, and health care products. You can use it for athletes feet or toe nail fungus( that takes a while, but works). I put it in my cat and dog's shampoo to keep them flea free. It's located in Walmart vitamin area or your local pharmacies.
The best thing that is most effective & no harm to pets or kids is plain rubbing alcohol. It disinfects, removes stains, and clears up any odors., and the best thing about it is, "" its so cheap as a entire household cleaner"". Its not harmful to a septic system either. So try it, and good luck!!
Hot water! and lemon juice

.fire good.
Use Coca Cola (haha). Not only am I being funny, I'm serious, too. I use it when I clean my bathroom every Sunday.
a coupple of days ago i found that your toilet seat is the most sanitare thing in your house.no need to clean
Vinegar & water is a great natural disinfectant.
vinegar, white synthetic vinegar is awesome for a lot of things, even as a softener for baby clothes, it cuts the detergent and softens the clothes without staying as a residue.
A cup of vinegar and a good brush will clean your toilet , and also help remove the limescale buildup.
Afterwards put a half cup of lemon juice in the bowl and just leave it there until you have to flush the next time, it also disinfects and whitens the bowl.
You might want to try a steamer, since it uses ordinary tap water. My mom and I just got Scunci Steamers and so far they seem to work great. According to the description on the box, it cleans and disinfects, so it might be worth looking into for you. Hope this helps. :)

p.s. - If you do decide to try out a steamer, try to find out if there's a Big Lots store near you. It sells for a lot cheaper there ($30 at Big Lots vs. $60 anywhere else).
Liquid soap + small cup of chlorine
Rinse with water
This will clean and disinfect toilet and bathroom fixtures
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