Agghhh! Waking up early??!?

I'd like to wake up early so I could continue studying for this major exam I have in June, but I lack motivation to do so! I'm just so tired all the time and I feel like I don't want to get up to study. This worries me - It's like I'm slacking in my work or something. Lost time = lost points on the test..

Does anyone have great tips or advice for waking up early? I know I posted a question like this before, but I didn't get the response that I was hoping for. Suggestions (besides sleeping early/getting alarms/etc) would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

(P.S. - I hope I put this question in the right section!)
Answers:    If you put an alarm far enough away that you'll find coffee or another reason to stay awake before getting to the alarm itself you'll have a better chance of staying awake. The best thing wake you up is stimuli.
here's a weird one-

drink a lot of water before you go to sleep so you wake up early to use the restroom the next morning
If you drink alcohol, stop it.

See your doctor. Mirtaprazine works wonders for me.
sleep early and eat small amount of foods in night .
I don't know what kind of answer you're looking for but I can assure you, there is no magical potion that will make you wake up early. If you don't get enough sleep or set an alarm to wake you up, you just ain't gonna get up.
1-Wake up to a song u like,one that motivates you.2-try taking ginseng 3- start each day w/2 teaspoons of Apple-cider vinegar mix w/orange juice.
Don't drink drinks that have caffeine, or energy drinks, or alcohol, and food that gives you energy like chocolate for example, and no drugs unless doctor requested it before 8 p.m. Don't exercises or do any extra activity before bed time. Don't take naps in day time. Practices, and getting a routine or habit of going to bed at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. if you got to get up in 8 hours from that time which is approximately the amount of sleep a person should have each day according to medical studies. Get a alarm clock and set it to that required time. Sooner or later you body will build a habit of getting up at the same time every day with out a clock which will act like a clock. It will take time for body to get accustom to the sleep pattern, but you will feel more rested and ready and eager to study for exams. Good luck getting proper sleep pattern and on your exams. Works for me every time.

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