Deep Cuts. I have a gash in my arm and I am wondering if it will close up.?

Its not bleeding at all. Its a little red and its opened. I had a bandage on it but I just took it off cause it was itchy and it turns out that my skin was getting iritated. Its all bumpy and yucky looking now. I am concerned it wont close up. So will it close up? Is there something I should do to help it close? etc
Answers:    A DEEP cut should have been stitched closed within a few hours of the injury. No doubt it is too late for that now, so you have at least a couple of choices: You can just let it heal from the inside out (it will, given some time, but there will be a pretty significant scar) Keep it moist with something like a good first aid cream. Or you can close it with some type of "super glue". If you use the glue be sure to disinfect the area CAREFULLY. I know super glue sounds like OUCH!! but closing battle field injuries was its first use, and the pain is almost nonexistent with most kinds of the glue. I use Krazy Glue. HUGS!!
If it's looking yukky it's probably infected the doctor can give you antibiotics. In the meantime cover it and try not to scratch.
er go to the hospital asap
Please Don't Mess With it---GET TO A DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE---If the Infection SPREADS you could have a REAL PROBLEM---I Have Been In Medicine For 50 YEARS---2/3 rds of my LIFE---BELIEVE ME Home remedys have NO cure for your Problem NOW---Signed---JEM

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